Scaring the Night

Working on the outline for “Scaring the Night.” This is a spin-off book based on the character Billy from a previously published book I wrote called “Three Wheels Out”. Once the hard research and development are concluded, it will be my first book in the  Murder Mystery genre. I take pride in not getting put in one box. I want to write with variety while I still can. They say once discovered that people expect a certain repeatable product. Not my style so I better get out some variety while I still can.

I am still working on the direction for my poetic motorcycle road trip book, “Taming the Pig.”  It’s been on the front burner for a bit. Thought the protagonist would stop off at an Indian reservation for a fun a spirit-filled chapter. After researching for a few nights I realized that my approach was misinformed and canned the idea out of respect for the Native Americans. Life is short and variety is a spicy way to wiggle my way through this rule filled life. Check out my books on Amazon! Thanks for your valuable time. I appreciate you!

Well, better get back to it. Stay tuned!


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