Ripples, Echos, and Divorce

I came across a divorce blog from a thoughtful blogger today. Her handle is stilllearning2b  Her blog reminded me that I have come along way since being thrown out of the house and having to work three jobs to put my life together. I was ripped into so many pieces back then. My bloodshot eyes and state of shock life were spinning out of control or so it seemed at the time. My marriage of twenty-one years ended. For the record, ended against my will. I wrote a cathartic divorce recovery book during the years of recovery. It’s called The Consequences of Breathing. It was my companion during the purgatory of pre-divorce and my best friend for years after. Keeping this journey in a word document saved my sanity during the lonely late nights of my new and forced rebirth. I recommend journaling or even going the distance to put out a book if you can force your self to get it all down and into the keys. It is good to get it out. It was how I coped back in the day of divorce world. If not journalling, then talking to a friend or even a stranger helps. Strangers can be like angels in disguise during divorce and recovery.

I think of those early days of separation from time to time. It was living hell on earth, to put it mildly. I did grow though. I fought through the pain and legal battles. I finished raising two beautiful children who have since grown up and are leading fruitful lives. Trust is the only hurdle I never was able to gain victory over. I have since married the most amazing woman. We’ve been married for eight years now and even though she exhibits monumental positive characteristics, trust for a long-lived marriage is a mental struggle. (If you read this post Michelle, no worries. I love you like crazy) I’m always waiting for that day where it all ends again. I hope it will never come.

Good luck and peace be with you. I welcome your thoughts……..



Back cover of Three Wheels Out

Love how this back cover came out. It really captures the essence of Three Wheels Out. It’s my Skateboarding, Surfing and Garage band coming of age book.

Set in Pasadena Texas, the book is littered with sex, drugs and Rock and Roll. Taking place in the 70s, with no cell phones, X Box or Social media, just endless Summer days seeking a new ramp to skate and girls girls girls! Earl, Donald, and Billy experienced plenty of first times and more than their fair share of teachable moments.  An epic YA book!

So proud of Three Wheels Out! Check it out on my Author page: link!


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Being where I am

Starting out the new year busy in my head. Work, family, books. My hope is that I can learn how to turn it off and be where I am. In this day and age multitasking is the rule. I would rather do one thing well instead of ten things with little commitment. Not so easy, this being where you are stuff.  Must keep at it.


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